• Mansi Katarey

    Mansi Katarey

    Passionate about AI and how it can solve problems around the world!

  • Selina Liu

    Selina Liu

    BCI Researcher and Innovator at TKS

  • Ammielle WB

    Ammielle WB

    computational biology & biological computing. ammiellewb.com

  • Tenzin Migmar

    Tenzin Migmar

    Writer of technology-centric articles.

  • Neyla Kirby

    Neyla Kirby

    Excited about the field of Synthetic Biology! I put out relevant and unbiased content about science and the world around us.

  • Max Skipper Griffiths

    Max Skipper Griffiths

    Writer | Runner | Programmer • PhD student Researching Trust in Human-Robot Interactions

  • Harsehaj Dhami

    Harsehaj Dhami

    A 16-year-old on a mission to solve the world’s biggest problems.

  • Edward Wang

    Edward Wang

    Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning enthusiast.

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